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If a user is searching for a type of company or service within a specific area, then the location becomes one of the most important aspects. When it comes to searching for local companies it is of course important that the location of your business is present within your main content and keywords, to enable search engines to pick up on it. The actual service or product which you are offering should also be clear and concise and present in keywords to enable your site to be ranked correctly. All that being said, there can be too much of a good thing, and one thing which we at see far too often is the over use of SEO and keywords within content.

An example of this is when the content on a site does not flow naturally and is not particularly easy to read. Instead it is crammed full of keywords and phrases in different variations just so that it ranks higher within SERP’s. Granted, this is a good thing in theory, however if your site content looks shabby and forced then it is not user friendly at all and people clicking through to your site are unlikely to stick around.

An example of over forced and keyword packed content could be something along the lines of the following. Let us say for argument’s sake, that you are a company offering homemade curtains in Birmingham. Of course, you need to get in various forms of search phrases but a bad example could be something along the lines of, ’If you are looking for home made curtains in Birmingham then look no further. We provide homemade curtains in Birmingham and surround and are proud of our services. Our curtains are the best made to measure homemade curtains Birmingham has to offer and you will not find better curtains in Birmingham. The problem with this content is that it is too jam packed with ‘curtains’ and Birmingham’ that you almost cannot see the woods for the trees and as a reader are just overwhelmed by keywords. An SEO campaign that relies on techniques such as this won’t result in long term benefits as the resulting content isn’t good for human users.

Most search engines nowadays do not require or approve of this much keyword stuffing. They are much more advanced and smarter than this and can recognise what services you have to offer much easier than this. The likes of Google and Bing in fact favour more solid content which reads naturally and appears to be original. Rather than over egg it, try to just write clear, informative and fresh content about your services.

To tick the locality box you can always introduce other pages which are just specifically about the area you are based. It can also be a good idea to broaden the area, so for the Birmingham example you may want to include the Midlands as a whole or at least areas such as Coventry, Solihull, and Sutton Coldfield etc. Writing clever and interesting content will still enable you to rank high within the SERPs but it will also be attractive to customers and encourage them to convert to a sale.

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