Mobile marketing, also known as SMS or text messaging, is a new and increasingly popular form of advertising. This kind of marketing is rapidly changing how companies let people know about their products and services, and is an integral component of any multi-channel campaign. Technology is changing at a dizzying pace, and it’s vital for you to stay on top of the latest mobile trends. There’s no better way to reach out to your customers.

Research shows that over 1.2 billion people worldwide use cellular phones and handsets to send and receive more than 23 million short text messages. This lets customers communicate at any time and place. Marketing research correctly predicted that mobile advertising would grow to $3.1 billion in sales, and that it would account 73% growth of mobile marketing in 2013.

Millions of people use their phones every day. That’s why mobile marketing services will continue to evolve and succeed. The expanding capabilities of mobile devices open up new interactive marketing techniques such as:

  • GPS messaging – a location-based messaging service which mobile users can pick up when they are in range.
  • 2D barcodes – a mobile user can scan these to access information.
  • LBS or location based service – this service sends marketing messages for businesses in areas where mobile users are connecting.
  • Augmented reality mobile campaigns – overlays the mobile user’s phone display with location-specific information about products and services.

The HeyGoTo Mobile Marketing service supports a
wide variety of mobile marketing activities, including:

  • Advertising & Promotions – reach new and existing customers with mobile ad campaigns.
  • Interactive & Events – create engaging programs like polls, voting, and competitions.
  • Information & Alerts – deliver real-time alerts to notify mobile users about time-sensitive information and events.

Mobile Marketing Services

With mobile marketing services, your business can communicate with clients in:

  • Bulk SMS Messaging
  • SMS Messaging Surveys and Event Management
  • Automated Systems Alerts and Updates
  • Wireless Applications/ Custom Mobile

Why Hire HeyGoTo for Your Mobile Marketing Project?

HeyGoTo mobile marketing zeroes in on the mobile platforms that people use to search the web. Here are the advantages:

  • We will provide better ways to optimize your content for the mobile web.
  • We will integrate your web pages with mobile web browsers that appeal to mobile users.
  • We can improve your current website content management system and aim it for mobile web browsers.
  • We will adapt current marketing measures to mobile platforms.

Mobile Marketing Services Are Easy To Use

At HeyGoTo, we design our mobile marketing services to increase the visibility of our clients. We use the mobile version of search engine optimization to attract your target audience.

Think of it this way: as much as 30% of your customers use mobile devices to access the web. It only takes a few minutes with mobile marketing to inform them of special promotions and other great deals. With just a little time and effort, you can quickly and affordably inform hundreds to thousands of individuals all at once.


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