Bring Visitors Back with Retargeting

Not everyone’s going to buy from you the first time they visit your website. Visitors might change their minds, get distracted or just forget what it is that you’re offering. Retargeting gives you a way to help these clients remember your brand so that they come back in for a second look.

Suppose someone goes to your website without buying or signing up for anything. If retargeting is active, that visitor will periodically see ads for your website as they browse the Internet. They’ll see the ads, remember your website and can go back to learn more.

All of this can be done by putting a bit of Javascript code on your website. This code inserts cookies in the browsers of visitors. These cookies will keep track of where the visitors go, and display your ads as needed.

Focused Retargeting

Retargeting ads can be scheduled to appear when a former visitor is searching the Internet for the kinds of services that you offer. This means you’ll be getting their attention right when they need you the most. Another option is to have the ads display when they visit a competitor’s website.

You can also have ads for specific services. As an example, if someone visits a page for a particular product, but doesn’t buy anything, the retargeting ad can be designed to display that same product. This lets you direct your efforts toward the visitor’s interests.

How Retargeting Helps Your Business

  • Ad response can increase by as much as 400%.
  • Can increase the brand awareness of clients.
  • People are more likely to buy the second time around.
  • Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert.

HeyGoTo and Retargeting

Only about 20% of marketers use retargeting, and we’re proud to be a part of that group. Our team can set up your retargeting campaign, which includes the creation of eye-catching advertisements. We’ll also research competing websites to determine the best places to display the retargeting ads.

Key Retargeting Strategies:

  • We combine retargeting with excellent site design and analytics to help turn more visitors into converts.
  • We make the ads appear when and where they’ll be most effective.
  • We design top quality ads, maximizing the likelihood of a response.
  • We set up the code that your website needs to engage in retargeting.
  • We schedule retargeting ads so that they do not appear too often or too seldom.

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