Link Building for Success

When Google ranks a website, one of the first things it looks for is how many other places link to that site. A large number of links is a sign of quality. After all, people wouldn’t make links to a site unless it had something worth offering. You could almost say that a link is like a vote. The ranking benefits of good links are known as “link juice”.

However, not all links are created equal. Link juice is worth more if it comes from sites that have a high PR (page ranking). These kinds of links can boost your PR and drive lots of traffic to your website. The only catch is that building them takes up a lot of time.

That’s why we offer our own link building services. Our team has the resources and experience to quickly set up hundreds of links to quality sites.

Link Building with Directories

Online directories are pure gold when it comes to link building. Your website will definitely benefit by connecting to them. Professional and local directories are highly rated by Google. They also get tremendous amounts of traffic.

That’s why we’ll quickly set up profiles for your company on all of the relevant directories. This will drastically increase the number of links going to your website.

Link Building with Blogs

Well-written blogs give you some of the best link juice. Not only are they informative and widely read, they also have high PR. But it’s not easy to get a link on there. You’ll have to ask the blog owners to let you write a post, and then create the necessary content yourself.

We’ve cut out the middleman. HeyGoTo runs its own high-PR blog network. Our team can quickly create dozens of articles for these blogs, each one of them linked to your website.

Link Building is an Ongoing Process

Today’s star is tomorrow’s has-been. This is as true for websites as it is for Hollywood. Over time, quality sites might lose traffic or stop updating as often. In turn, their PR will decrease. This can be bad news for sites that are linked to it.

HeyGoTo understands this, which is why we’ll keep building more links. The constant influx of new links can help your website keep a high PR.

How Link Building Helps Your Business

  • Quality links can raise the PR of your own website, making your website more valuable.
  • Link building increases your website’s visibility.
  • Getting new links on a regular basis helps your site maintain a high PR.

HeyGoTo and Link Building

We understand that quality trumps quantity when it comes to links. We also have the tools to deliver both. With HeyGoTo, your company can benefit from a continuously updated link building campaign the targets the best websites out there.

Key Link Building Strategies

  • We run a private blog network with a high page ranking.
  • We can regularly update these blogs with quality content that includes links.
  • We can set up links on large numbers of directories.
  • We keep building more links.
  • We know to target quality websites.

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