A landing page is a great tool—as long as you use it the right way! Landing page design needs to focus on being interesting, straightforward and well-organized. Anything less, and visitors will bounce.

The purpose of a landing page is to increase your conversion rate. Every single landing page design aspect should go towards this goal. Our team understands this, and will work hard to make sure that yours gets the job done.


The Essence of Good Landing Page Design

We’ll put it one word: clarity. The moment someone sees your landing page, they need to know what it’s about, what you’re offering and how you’ll deliver. You only have about seven seconds to grab a person’s attention, so your landing page design needs to get right to the point.

Landing page design works by funneling the visitor towards a specific page on your main website. This could be the home page, or the page for a specific product or service. You can have as many landing pages as you want.

The funnel starts with an eye-popping headline and image. When the visitor’s curiosity is sparked, they’ll start reading the content, which has to be be short, exciting and direct. A call to action button, labeled with something like “Get It Now!” takes them to the page of your choice.

We also know some other tricks to landing page design. Testimonials can assure cautious visitors that your business delivers on its promises. Good images and videos can help retain visitor interest.


We Know Landing Page Design

The experts at HeyGoTo have built amazing landing pages—just check out our portfolio! Our landing page design efforts incorporate excellent visuals, great content and perfect organization. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.