Infusionsoft is a powerful tool that maximizes your email marketing potential. When you purchase and integrate Infusionsoft with your business, your first 30 days will be spent working with an official Infusionsoft Success Coach. During this time, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the system. This includes planning out your 90-day goals, importing initial contacts, setting up your first capture form, and possibly creating your first campaign.

What Our Infusionsoft Services Offer

Our Infusionsoft services pick up where the coach leaves off. We’ll help you with:

  • Marketing Automation Planning (MAP).
  • Initial setup of key Infuionsoft areas (branding center, e-commerce, referral partner)
  • Infusionsoft done specifically for your campaigns.
  • Content writing/copywriting for your website and email marketing efforts.

We offer the following payment options with our Infusionsoft services. The goal is to ensure that you stay within your budget while working with us. The pricing covers consultation, implementation, and training.

  1. PAYG: Pay As You Go
    $85 per hour billed weekly on Monday
  2. Recurring Blocks of time
    10 per week /$700 billed weekly on Monday
    10 hours per month / $800 billed monthly on the 1st
    20 hours per month / $1650 billed monthly on the 1st
    30 hours per month / $2250 billed monthly on the 1st
    40 hours per month / $2800 billed monthly on the 1st
  3. Done For You Packages
Infusionsoft Services
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