Pay-Per-Click or PPC Management  is the fastest growing advertising medium, one that’s turning unknown companies into instant superstars. A PPC marketing campaign is a form of online advertising where you pay for clicks of relevant visitors that come to your website from search engines. On Google, PPC contextual ads are highlighted as the first 2-3 listings at the top of the page and on the right-hand column.

Effective PPC management can create more leads and increase your overall Return On Investment (ROI). When not handled properly, it can drain marketing budgets as well as the time and energy of those attempting to manage them.

More and more businesses are using PPC management in their advertising campaigns. That’s why the cost per click (CPC) on Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords has gone through a constant 40% per year increase. This cost keeps most small businesses from even competing in the PPC marketplace. The good news is that we have strategies that can help you maximize your success and make sure that your PPC ads are making money, not wasting it.
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How can PPC Management Benefit Your Business?

Set budget limits so that you don’t overspend on PPC advertising when the CPC increases.

  • Maximize potential traffic to your site and increase leads.
  • Target your audience by region and at specific times of the day.
  • Stimulate sales at any time with immediate and relevant traffic.
  • Instantly alter campaigns and strategies based on consumer habits and trends.

HeyGoTo and PPC Management

HeyGoTo’s PPC management experts offer a full range of services based on your individual advertising plan. These include strategy development, keyword research, and ad text composition. These services will also cover the creation, launch, monitoring, and maintenance of advertising campaigns. Our strategies are planned in detail to gain the best results and to avoid wasting money.

Key PPC Management strategies:

  • We combine SEO, PPC, and other strategies to further increase your exposure and sales.
  • We help manage your contextual advertising by placing the ads within the website to target the right customers.
  • We closely study website analytics and relevant metrics to determine keyword performance.
  • We monitor your campaigns on a daily basis, so you save time on monitoring trends to improve results.
  • We deliver your ads to relevant audiences, maximizing campaign conversions.
  • We provide performance insight into keywords, ad groups, ad text messages, and other key metrics.
  • We recommend ad budgets with an estimated percentage of ROI.
  • We provide detailed campaign performance reports to evaluate the success of your PPC management campaign.

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