CMS Integrations

Your CMS (content management system) is what you use to organize and update your website. Examples of this include WordPress, Magento and Drupal, to name a few. Simple enough, so far. However, you could get a lot more out of your website with the right CMS integrations.

CMS Integrations and APIs

Commercial websites can now get CMS integrations that harness all kinds of APIs (application programming interfaces). These both improve the content and give the user a better experience. It gives you a great way to make your website look the way that you want.

Here’s an example: suppose your business has multiple locations and you want your website to show them to clients. In this case, we’d integrate the Maps API onto your website. CMS integrations can also be very helpful for social media. With this, your website can display videos that are hosted on your YouTube channel.

As you can see, CMS integrations populate your website with a lot of valuable information. But that’s just the start. We can arrange your site to automatically get updated with new content. We’ll again use YouTube as an example. As you add more videos to your channel, they’ll automatically appear on your website.

This saves you the trouble of having to coordinate a bunch of different APIs. It also makes it easier for visitors to get the information that you want to show them.

How CMS Integrations Help Your Website

  • It improves convenience.
  • Site visitors will appreciate it.
  • Integrations provide regular updates.

HeyGoTo and CMS Integrations

Our web development team can help you get the most out of CMS integrations. In addition to setting it up, we’ll also be able to display the updates in a way that contributes to the overall design. We can work in WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal.

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