Keyword research is all about figuring out what terms people are using to find your website. We can narrow down the most relevant keywords for your business. Once this is done, we can start inserting keywords into your website (for on-page optimization) and advertisements (for PPC and banner ads).

Fine-Tuning Keyword Research

The simplest keyword isn’t always the best. The more often a particular keyword is searched for, the harder it can be to rank for it. That’s because every relevant business will be competing for it. Keyword research lets us find terms that are more specific to our clients.

Examples of this include long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are phrases that tend to be longer and more specific. Here’s an example: “modern wooden furniture”. This appeals directly to those who are searching for a specific niche. It’s a lot better than just using “furniture”, which is too vague to be very useful. Most people actually use long tail keywords when they search for something.

Keyword research also includes LSI keywords. You can see these at the bottom of a Google search or in the right-hand column of a Bing search. These are related keywords that have been used by other people.

Keyword Research for AdWords

The keyword research described above is great for organically improving your website. However, what if you want to get the extra boost provided by paid ads? AdWords are getting more and more important for SEO campaigns, and it’s essential to have the right keyword.

Our team can run tests to see which keywords do the best for your AdWords. This gives us the precise information that we need to create Google Ads that work for you.

How Keyword Research Helps Your Company

  • Find out what potential clients are searching for.
  • Capitalize on specific long tail and LSI keywords.
  • Create winning Google Ads.

HeyGoTo and Keyword Research

Our team will do extensive keyword research to ensure that you get the best possible keywords campaign. We have the tools and know-how that we need to zero in on the best phrases.

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