2011 B2B Marketing Report from MarketingSherpa is Out!

My hands are wringing in anticipation as I await my download of the latest 2011 B2B Marketing Report from MarketingSherpa, eh! WooHoo…man, I love what these guys test and ask and their surveys are in fact SPOT-ON for my own SEO practice here in Canada!

So, who are these MarketingSherpa folks? Ummm…hard for me to fathom that might not of heard of them, but they’re the non-agency, non-consultancy, non-competitor for all us marketing types who publish research specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing…and what doesn’t work too! Their stated goal is “to give marketers of the world the stats, inspiration, and instructions to improve their results…” and boy their reports DO do just that, eh!

So, you’ve not got a full membership there yet maybe…or maybe you’re still thinking on it…then DO take advantage of the free download of their 18 page Excerpt of the full 2001 B2B Study….you can get same right here!

And what will you learn from same….ah….take a look at this stuff and then think about your upcoming 2011 annual Marketing Plan review for your own firm…

“The growing trend of utilizing inbound marketing tactics is demonstrated in the above chart on the effectiveness of marketing tactics, where the top four tactics are generally inbound in nature and two of the three least effective tactics are outbound.Social media is undervalued in terms of effectiveness and this is a result of the infancy of this marketing tactic and the low level of experience organizations have in execution when compared to more seasoned marketing tactics. As B2B marketers become more mature with their social marketing practices, their perceptions on the effectiveness of this tactic will improve…”

If you’re like me, you noticed immediately that SEO is still up near the top, but that “Virtual Events / Webinars” has made it’s presence felt and that makes me think….hmm…maybe I should add that ability to what we do to again, increase the conversion from a lead to a signed-up client…hmm….thinking out loud here, but there’s more than enough here to work for me and KKT INTERACTIVE, my SEO firm, so maybe I need to roll that out to clients too as not only a new but a NEEDED new marketing tactic for 2011….

Not enough yet — then here’s a list of what else is being covered within the B2B Marketing Report –

Top 10 Questions Answered in the 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

  1. What are this year’s top B2B marketing challenges?
  2. How can you generate leads with social media?
  3. What are the marketing automation metrics, features, and procedures?
  4. How do you manage the complex sale to combat lengthening sales cycles?
  5. How are budget cuts affecting marketing performance?
  6. What are the best B2B marketing tactics to use?
  7. What is the current effectiveness of direct mail, email, and telemarketing?
  8. What are the challenges for developing new marketing content and creative?
  9. How do you generate interest and attract new prospects?
  10. What are the best tactics for improving marketing and sales analysis?

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