3 Essential Tactics For An Mlm Blog Link Building Plan

There are two ways in which you can build links to your MLM blog: By following a plan or haphazardly. Your plan can be as simple as deciding just how much time you are going to spend on link building, then making the most out of that time by being organized. This is the first of four articles on a link building plan for an MLM blog. This article discusses four tactics as part of an MLM blog link building plan.

1) Forum Posts

With a little bit of practice, forum posting is easy to do.

Most forums are seriously handicapped when it comes to SEO. This is because there are often many similar threads, centered around the same core keywords, Many people use long and ugly URL’s, There are very few if any links pointing to threads, most just go to the main page. Duplicate content issues exist.

Improve your chances by posting in threads that make it to the front page of Digg or other social media sites.

Look for posts with high linkability value. For network marketing, you will find such posts and threads in forums like Conquer Your Niche and The Warrior Forum.

2) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is easy to do and takes little time. You can post links to deli-icio-us quickly.

Many social bookmarking sites, however, give your links very little juice. But even if they do, the tags on the from pages are the most popular ones, so there is a lot of competition to rank high.. Your link will be slipping to the back pages and moving its position all the time, from the first page of that tag to the 5th, 10th, 20th page and so on.

Improve your chances by building your own tag . On less used sites, your tag could end up being linked from the front page all the time, if you save enough links in that tag, your links would be just 1 link away from the front page.

Add as many tags you can to every link you submit, as long as they are pertinent to the subject of the article.

3) Social Media

Social media linking can be very effective when done correctly and consistently and should always be part of your link building plan.

This strategy is not easy and requires consistent effort. Building up your profile, becoming a top user, making friends and writing good link bait are challenging and time consuming activities.

The payoff, however, can be significant. If you get to the front page you get a large number of links usually, depending on your subject. The page where your link is listed can become a PR4-5 on Digg.

Build a strong profile on a niche social media site that is closely or exactly related to your blog’s subject. Your readers from these sites will be highly targeted and thus more likely to subscribe or be interested in the rest of your articles.

Good sites to begin with include Digg, Newsvine, PlugIM and Shoutwire.

Network with other bloggers, and once in a while, ask them to vote your story, A story with a number of initial votes and a few comments is much more likely to be voted by other users of that social media site.

When you’re a beginner and you’re not yet quite so known, the best thing you can do is to combine great content with a good link building plan Start off with these methods and you will be well on your way toward building a large opt in list and hundreds of enrollments in your home based business.

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