4 Mistakes You MUST Avoid When Video Marketing on Facebook

Video marketing was once only used by very large companies; however thanks to the growth of various social network sites such as Facebook, and new advances in online technology such as being able to upload videos to the Internet, it is now possible for anyone, from companies to individual entrepreneurs to use video marketing on Facebook to maximize their earnings.

Facebook video marketing is now becoming extremely popular; however it seems that a lot of people really don’t know how to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. So, in order to help you convert as many of your viewers into paying customers as possible I have compiled a list of the most common problems and the 4 major mistakes that you need to avoid when using video marketing on Facebook.

1) One of the biggest mistakes that I constantly see are videos that do not clearly communicate what they are about within the first 5 – 10 seconds. You would guess that this is a mistake made only be people who are new to video marketing, but I see many marketing veterans producing Facebook videos that take an extremely long time to actually let the viewer know what they are about.

This is a major mistake because people today are incredibly busy, so they don’t want to have to watch 5 minutes of video before they find out what the video is about. When producing your video, you need to make sure that you tell your viewer exactly what the video is about, and why they should take the time to watch it. Remember, there is only one thing worse than having no one watch your Facebook video, and that is having someone who starts to watch it, but then stops after the first few minutes because they don’t know what you are telling about!

2) Another classic problem that I see in a lot on Facebook is when the video focuses on the person who made the video, instead of the viewer. For instance, if I was trying to promote my affiliate marketing program I may use sentences such as “My business is growing all the time!” or “I took advantage of this opportunity and now I am earning more money per month than ever before!”

These sentences focus on me; on how well my business is going and how I am a lot wealthier because of my business. This is incredibly boring for my viewers because it focuses on ME instead of THEM! In order to increase the success of your videos on Facebook it is important to appeal to your viewers.

For instance, a much better sentence to include in my video would be “You may be looking for an easy way to generate extra income, and my affiliate program can give you the chance to achieve this goal.” In this sentence the focus of the video is clearly on the viewer. Therefore it will grab their attention immediately and they will be much more susceptible to my message.

3) Another thing I see a lot on Facebook are videos just simply too long! Remember that people are busy, and therefore your video marketing needs to reflect this. Viewers want a short, sharp message that is straight to the point. It is no good making 20 minutes long video about your promotion because the chances are no one will watch it. Think more in terms of TV commercials – your video marketing on Facebook needs to get your message across quickly. Of course if you have a lot of information to cover then you may decide to make a series of videos which is a much better approach than producing one long video.

4) One of the final mistakes that always shocks me is that people always seem to wait until the very end of their video before they give out their website or email address. The aim of video marketing on Facebook is to get people interested in your promotion and get them to visit your website so that you can convert those interested viewers into paying consumers. It is always best to have your website address displayed somewhere for the entire video, perhaps across the bottom of the screen or in the top corner. Just make sure that your website address is always right there on the screen – this will really help to maximize the amount of traffic you can pull from your Facebook video marketing campaign.

So there we have it, the top 4 mistakes that I see time after time after time. By avoiding these mistakes, you will hopefully be able to produce a video marketing campaign on Facebook which is much more successful.

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