4 Sure Methods For Generating Unstoppable Web Traffic To Name Squeeze Pages!

As you can see from this title, the goal of this report is to show you some fool proof methods for creating unstoppable list building machines that will pour continuous profits and subscribers into your database.

Now I was really hesitant on even sharing these methods initially, but I decided to give the marketing world an opportunity to see how I build passive list building machines that couldn’t stop even if I shut down my website.

But before we begin with the methods and strategies I use, let me first describe the purpose of building an email list for your business.

If you’ve been marketing on the internet for some time, you’ve most likely heard of the saying that the money is in the list. But I am going to take this a step further and say that the money is not only in the list, but the growth and success of your business is in the list.

You never want to view your list as just a money-maker. Having this mindset will strip you from the maximum profit potential of your email list. Your email list is important for one reason, and one reason only…..and that is to create a means for you to easily explode the growth of your business by utilizing the existing subscribers within your database.

Here is what I mean.

If you need more link partners…..just contact your email list subscribers and ask them for link partnerships!

If you need more joint venture partners….just contact your subscribers and allow them to become your marketing partners.

If you are launching a new product, then you can easily recruit your subscribers to become affiliates by sending a recommendation of your new product’s affiliate program to your email list.

So I hope I expanded your paradigm on the importance of an email list.

An email list is more important than just making money. An email list is important because it offers leverage for your business.

But over the last 2 years, I noticed that many individuals have trouble setting up reliable list building systems that funnel a continuous stream of subscribers to their database.

Very few people know how to create a list building system that is guaranteed to place at least 1,000 responsive subscribers to their email list every single month at no cost!

The only way you can get this done, is by setting up a list building system that will send unstoppable web traffic to your email opt in landing page day in and day out.

But how do we get this done?

How do we generate unstoppable web traffic to our name squeeze pages?

One of the ways we can get this done is by gradually building as many one way links to our landing page as possible. The key is to have thousands of one way links from many different online and offline resources sending traffic to your name squeeze page.

Your goal is to have so many thousands of links referencing your landing page that it would be impossible for you to stop the traffic to your site, even if you shut down your website. This phenomenon is known as “reaching critical mass”, and it is an important part of this list building process.

When you reach critical mass, traffic will no longer be a problem for you.

You can stop marketing your website, and you’ll continue to have traffic for the life of your business. When your business reaches critical mass, it will then begin to promote itself, without your intervention.

You can go on vacation, and still have a business and an email list that constantly grows on autopilot.

Reaching critical mass should be the goal of every business and every list building project that you decide to take.

So how do we reach critical mass?

The only way we can reach critical mass is by utilizing some power linking strategies.

Listed below are 4 power linking methods that I use in order to generate unstoppable traffic streams to my websites and opt in email landing pages. Make sure you implement all of these power linking methods if you desire to see your list grow on autopilot.

1. Writing and Submitting Press Releases

Press releases are great for sending a nice surge of traffic to your landing page, as well as build publicity and media exposure. The neat thing about press releases is that they can also direct hundreds of one way links to your landing page, which can help improve the ranking of your landing page in the search engines.

Press releases can also advertise your landing page in offline printed media sources as well. If you really want to build a nice, responsive email list fast, you must tap into both online and offline marketing resources. Press releases are a good way of getting this done.

You should make it a goal to write at least one press release per month for your business.

Or, whenever you have important news and updates about your business, you should write and submit a press release about it.

2. Writing and Submitting Articles

If you’ve been marketing online for the past year, then you already know the importance of promoting articles for website traffic. Articles can easily send hundreds of links to your website as well as improve your search engine rankings. Articles can also brand you as an expert in your field, thus improving your credibility and your visitor’s responsiveness to your offer.

It has been proven that traffic generated from articles are more responsive than any other form of traffic out there. Therefore, make it a goal to write and submit at least 2 articles every week in order to improve your business and your list growth.

3. Establishing an Affiliate Program

What better way to spread your marketing message across the internet than to recruit affiliates, who will place a link to your name squeeze page on their websites in exchange for a commission. This is one of the best ways to trigger critical mass for your business.

But in order to have a successful affiliate program, you must constantly maintain a relationship with your affiliates. An excellent way of doing this is by creating a newsletter strictly for your affiliates. In the newsletter you can even share with them the marketing strategies that they could use to market your program. The best way of doing this is to create online video tutorials that show them how to market your program in order to see results. This is a sure way to make your affiliates happy and motivated. Just this one small suggestion for your affiliate program will drastically motivate your affiliates to continue marketing your product or service.

4. Viral Marketing

If you want to spread your website link and your marketing message across the internet like a wild forest fire, then you need to start implementing viral marketing strategies.

The best way of doing this is by creating free tools, software, and ebooks that affiliates can brand in order to receive commissions. Just make sure you motivate your affiliates to giveaway your free viral resources. Offer gifts and surprises to those who giveaway the most free viral resources.

So I hope this article gave you a general idea of how to send non-stop traffic to your name squeeze pages. Just make sure you follow the 4 methods outlined in this article and I guarantee that you will see results.

We describe this entire process in more detail via some free online video tutorials that we giveaway.

The video tutorials from the link above will give you a nice understanding of the strategy we outlined in this article. I’m sure that you will find the tutorials extremely helpful.

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