7 Online Video Marketing Secrets: Discover Free Tips

7 Online Video Marketing Secrets: Getting Started

Discover the 7 Online video marketing secrets to help you harness the power of video for your business or ministry marketing plan.

Using online video marketing strategies as a way to gain clients, create your brand, and build a list, can be extremely effective. Let’s face it: Video compels people.

Look at the popular wave of YouTube! YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. YouTube was created in mid-February of 2005 by three former PayPal employees.

“As more people capture special moments on video,” its Web site declares, “YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.”

It’s popularity has grown at an incredible rate.

Other video sites are staking a claim in this emerging force of video, such as iFilm.com, Dailymotion, video.google.com and video.yahoo.com.

More and more bloggers are also using the power of video as they look to use video to earn money blogging.

In addition to all the video sites available, you can also find websites that give you step by step methods to teach you how to use video to use video marketing strategies. One of my favorites and one source I check on often is Lorraine Grula.”Lorraine has tons of experience in the trenches of the video production world and teaches video the way she’s done it for the past 30 years. A well-respected professional working primarily in the Nashville, Tennessee Video and TV News market, Lorraine’s spent her life in the field creating video stories on every subject imaginable.”

One major marketer who is helping his clients use video and social media to make incredible amounts of money states two simple facts about video:

“Online video is the single highest leverage tool you could use to build your business.

Onlinve video is the most neglected tool in your marketing toolbox.”

You can discover how simple it is to get started, the best camera to use, and a free screen capture tool in the series, “7 Online Video Marketing Secrets” from DTCMarketplace.

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