A Monetization Model Worth Trying: Video CPA

Being in online marketing for a bit more than two years, I am now at that stage when getting traffic and promoting a resource is not a problem any more: I can do that pretty quickly and easily.

What is still the problem is building a solid monetization plan. So far what I’ve been earning from was from selling my services. I still have yet to learn to earn from monetizing my (multiple) web sites effectively.

Therefore exploring various monetization models is so important to me.

Today I’d like you to share your opinion on the model I plan to try: video cost per action.

I have discovered this site specializing in video CPA – Video Performance Network – and it looks and sounds very promising.

Here’s how the process looks:

  • Fill in the application;
  • Get approved (the service seem to be open to all countries and all niches);
  • Preview the videos you’d like to run, grab some simple code, and embed it on your site just like you do for a banner;
  • Get paid on a CPA basis when anyone clicks through from the video and goes to the Advertiser landing page.

In the past, if you wanted to run video on your site and get paid for it, you had to integrate a certain type of player specified by an ad network. You usually did not get to choose what type of videos were displayed on your site, and you had no say in what kind of payout you received for playing someone else’s video on your site. Video Performance Network has changed all of that. Now, for the first time ever, any Affiliate or Publisher can run Video Ads on their sites, and get paid on a CPA basis

I am wondering how effective this model is and what are the advantages (and maybe the pitfalls) of the model?

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