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Ok, most people know what AdWords is. If not it is the name that Google uses for their PPC (Pay Per Click) system. People all over the world are making very good money from using AdWords. However, alot more are losing alot more money because alot of people do not now how to use PPC or AdWords properly. Here are a few tips to get your AdWords campaign up and running properly.

Tip #1: Get a domain name of your own. Why? because Google changed its policy and is not letting most affiliate links advertise on AdWords. Having your own domain name will ensure that Google AdWords does not stop your advertising campaign.

Tip #2: Choose your keywords wisely. Do not just pick any random keyword that comes into your head. Think of keywords that people would use to look for your product and or service. Search on Google and Yahoo for a “Keyword Generator”. A keyword generator is used to come up with keywords. For example, if you typed in “Learn To Fish” the keyword generator will come up with similar keywords that you may want to use.

Tip #3: Using Broad, Phrase and Exact Keywords.

A Broad keyword is a word that you would simply type into the search box, like GOLF CLUBS, your search will come up with any site that has Golf Clubs on its pages or keywords.

Phrase Keywords are keywords or phrases with a quotation mark at the beginning and end of the keyword or phrase. Example, “Golf Clubs” this will bring up anything that matches this keyword or will have something that is very similar.

Exact keywords, this means that if a person looking for Golf Clubs types in brackets [Golf Clubs] only sites or ads that has that exact phrase will show for this search. It will not bring up any ad or page that does not have to to with Golf Clubs. So if you are advertising light fittings, I suggest you use all 3 types: Light Fittings, “Light Fittings”, [Light Fittings]. This will get your ad better coverage and really boost your targeted traffic.

Tip #4: Write a catchy and to the point ad. You only have a certain amount of characters to write your Header and Body. So use it wisely. Get to the point and entice the surfer to come to your site.

These tips are just a few that will help you with you PPC campaign. These tips sound simple but are usually some of the most overlooked. When using Google AdWords you want to make money not lose money.
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