Adwords Abuse Hurts All Advertisers

Abuse of adwords will lead consumers to regard Adwords as spam or worse.  This could damage your campaigns and your bottom line.  Discover how Adwords is being abused.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is encouraging poor Adwords use.  Dynamic Keyword Insertion is a relatively new feature of Google Adwords. Adwords will replace the token adwords in your ad headline, ad text or url with the consumer’s search term.

But, this has lead to Adwords abuse. An advertiser can write a single ad in a single campaign or ad group, use dynamic keyword insertion and bid on every keyword imaginable. For example, have you noticed that ads for come up for just about anything you search for? Target is a large department store and will likely carry the products in question, so they aren’t technically abusing Adwords. They are guilty of running a very poor campaign. Several ads read poorly when just using a template and ad. Plus the quality scores must be awful, unless has such a high CTR.

There are several websites abusing Adwords much worse. Many of these sites are just Adsense Arbitrage websites. That means they hope to pay very little for Google ads, and then display nothing but Adsense ads and hope to have an ROI.

Again, it is easy to assume the quality score should be low for sites with no content. You must assume that these websites are paying top dollars for clicks. Either that or the CTR is so high the relevance isn’t a factor. Perhaps the keywords are such niche keywords that even a poor quality score has a low cost.

The main questions are will this weaken Adwords in the eyes of the normal consumer. Consumers that click on ads taking them websites with no content may become sick of ads and refuse to click any ad in the future.

Second, will Google do anything about it? As long as the Adsense arbitrage advertiser continues to pay, Google will remain happy. Plus Google also takes a percentage of the Adsense payment too. Thus there is incentive for Adwords to continue to support these poor quality websites.

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