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Article Services

Right now, article marketing is a free and easy way to generate traffic and position your self as an expert.  However, they only serve those two objectives if they are actually read by your target audience.   So how can you make sure that your articles get a lot of traffic, get read, and convert traffic to you?

There are three keys: writing a great attention grabbing title, properly optimizing the article for keywords, and knowing where to submit the articles for the best backlinks and traffic.  First, the title.

You want your keyword close to the beginning of the title, but it needs to grab reader’s attention and make them want to read the article.  This takes a little understanding of psychology, but with practice the titles will get better with time.  This should be the first thing to work on and try to improve because it is the largest part of the traffic ‘funnel’ to your site.

Once there is a good title, the next step is properly optimizing your article for the keyword that you are targeting. There is a fine line between not having the keyword enough and having it too much (known as keyword stuffing), so knowing exactly how much to include the keyword is extremely important.  As a general rule of thumb, the keyword should appear once per paragraph.

The last key is knowing where to submit and post the articles for maximum exposure.  Because of how often sites come and go and how quickly the internet landscape changes, knowing where to submit is a constant battle.  At HeyGoTo, we have our own in house writers with thousands of articles experience and we know where to post to get the most exposure for you.  Additionally, we make sure to stay on top of what the top sites are and where your articles will have the most longevity and ranking power.

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