Building An Optimised Website From Scratch

Before engaging SEO consultants most people already have a website up and running. In some cases it will have been established in one form or another for years, and in others only live for a few weeks. It could be that an older site has been overtaken by the competition or a new site needs a leg up to get noticed by search engines and potential customers alike. Professional SEO services can almost always help in either case, but if you do happen to be starting out from scratch, there are a few considerations that can help get you off on the right footing.

First of all, choose your domain name carefully. This is the main part of the URL, like You can choose both the top level domain (the .com, .net, or to name a few of the options available) and the name. ICANN-compliant domain name registration sites like can tell you whether or not the domain you want is available and register it for you for a fee. Most SEO consultants will tell you to go for a .com top level domain if possible, and a if not. The former is considered the most appropriate for businesses and also the most memorable to customers.

It’s often worth buying both if you can, especially if the ones you want aren’t expensive.  Otherwise someone can come along and register and poach some of your confused customers. You can either leave the secondary domain name parked and more or less empty or redirect it to your .com page. This is the best option by far and professional SEO services can help you set up the redirect if you need a hand with the technical stuff.

When considering the rest of the domain name, there are two paths you can follow. Some SEO consultants advocate one over the other, but both approaches can be equally successful. The first option is to choose something eye-catching and very easy to remember like GoDaddy did. The second is to pick a name that describes your business, including the right keywords. is a prime example.

Next, find a good hosting company. When choosing the right package for you allow generously for bandwidth remembering that website traffic will hopefully rise. Make sure the company go for will automatically tell you when you’re approaching that month’s bandwidth limit and give you the option to upgrade immediately. Otherwise your site could go down without warning. Your customers won’t like it and neither will your SEO consultants!

Pay attention to the content management systems (CMS) on offer as well. It should allow you to quickly and simply update the site and add new content whenever you like and create a pleasant, visually attractive effect with all the e-Commerce features you will need. Enquire at a few different hosting companies before making the choice. Whichever one you decide on, make sure of getting a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in writing. It should cover things like unexpected access problems and give a concrete minimum percentage of uptime you can expect. We offer a unique SEO CMS which is fully SEO-friendly whilst also providing all the functionality and ease of use you should expect.

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