Common Link Building Myths Debunked

Link exchanges are dead
Although reciprocal links do not provide as much authority as one-way links, link exchanges should still be a big part of your link building campaign. But remember that links from sites with similar topics as yours are more valuable than links from completely unrelated sites.

All directories are bad
Yes, standard directories do not really provide much value in a link building campaign. But that does not mean you should ignore directories completely. I have had quite a bit of success in using article directories as part of client’s link building campaigns.

Link building is easy
I hate when I hear people saying that link building is easy. Sure, there are parts that can be simple and tedious. But I have trained a few people on link building and it is definitely not something can be learned in just a few weeks.

It’s easy for a site to rank in the search engine results
The only way to easily get a site to rank in the search engines is if you setup a pay per click campaign. Getting a site to rank in the organic results can take months or even years. I always tell clients to remember that traffic from the free search engine results is a long-term investment.

You can trust reciprocal link partners
When you agree to exchange links with some one always make sure to request an email once your links has been added. It’s also a good idea to browse through your link exchange partners regularly and remove any sites that no longer display you link.

Anchor text doesn’t matter
The keywords that appear in the link can sometimes be more important then the link itself. Don’t be afraid to email sites that display your link to request a change of the anchor text. Any site owner who knows about search engine optimization will gladly change the text.

Site maps are a waste of time
You should always have a site map that the search engines can easily find and index. Otherwise the search engine may never crawl deep enough into your site to find all of the pages. I usually recommend that client’s put a link to their site map at the bottom of every page so that the search engines give it additional attention.

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