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Copy Writing

Here at HeyGoTo we use only the best copy writers we can find, and all of our writing is checked by an Editor before it is posted.  For those that are just arriving on the Internet scene or are new to marketing, the difference between content writing and copy writing can seem confusing.  So what is the difference?

The difference is what the writing is supposed to do, and knowing that difference can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a failed one.  While the goal of content writing (the pages on your site) is to inform the reader, the goal of copywriting is to get the reader to perform an action.

That action could be signing up for an email list, clicking a link in an article, or buying a product.  This type of writing takes quite a bit of practice, but can increase revenue dramatically.  In fact, we make sure to use a little bit of copy writing knowhow in all of our content writing, just to make sure that as much traffic as possible converts for you as well as possible.

The result is that our copywriters get you more leads, more customers, and more sales.

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