The Culture of Good Enough

How have we lost our passion for going above and beyond?

I refuse to accept that we never had it to begin with. In fact, I see glimmers of it around me every day, and I also see earth-moving, seismic examples that rock the foundations of what *I* think and feel, even if the acts themselves are rather subtle. It takes a single pebble to trigger a landslide, and oh the pebbles we’re surrounded by each and every day if we would only pick one up and toss it.

But by and large, I see a lot of people mailing it in. Ready to get by. Satisfied with acceptable. Content to check the box. Making excuses for why they could do it, didn’t have time, were at the mercy of everyone else. And then waiting, hand out, for a cookie for doing their level “good enough”.

We want expectations spelled out for us, to the letter, so we can be sure and meet them. Meet them. Not exceed them, not blow them out of the water. But meet them. How did this happen, and why aren’t we demanding more? If we aren’t willing to motivate ourselves to bring our best – whatever that means – who will? Is it really someone else’s job to inspire us, or is it our own responsibility to not settle for something that isn’t the best we can give? Why is it not enough to demand more simply because we are worthy of discovering our best and most unadulterated selves?

Waiting for validation, waiting for someone else to spark our drive is such an utter waste.

This isn’t about not failing. It’s about failing gloriously, in a shower of sparks and flame and triumph for having the stones to actually shoot for something that isn’t comfortable, safe, predictable, or guaranteed. It’s about failing with purpose because you decided that what was easy simply wasn’t good enough.

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Those that change the world, even a small little sliver of it, never settle for “good enough”. They’re always hungrily, relentlessly curious and trying to find what’s beyond where they are. They’re pushing their own comfort zone, finding new territories to explore, all while making sure that the things that are expected of them now are not just “done” but shattered.

Waiting for something to happen is cowardly. I challenge you to be inspired. To be brave enough to let go of your own malaise and realize that responsibility for your own impact on the world rests solely with you, and that your malcontent, not-my-fault ennui is something that may have been exacerbated at the hand of others, but over which you are the sole master.

Take ideas and shape them, push them, build on them. Create something totally new, or improve on something that’s already there. Choose your path and walk it, and reserve the right to select a new one. Ask for success, demand the world, insist on nothing less than revolution.

But never, ever sit and ask for the hammer yet whine that no one else drove the nail.

Never lament the fact that you never get to contribute to something worthwhile or incredible if you aren’t willing to be the exciting and incredible part of the equation. Revolt against the culture of “good enough”. It’s far too common. And I know you – you – are better than that. As for the rest of us? We are not waiting for you.

I’m going to go toss a pebble and break something. Coming along?

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