Do you Twitter as an SEO Tool? You should!

Do you tweet for SEO? With the announcement several weeks ago that Bing will index Twitter feeds (in fact they’ve already started doing so), and the immediate response by Google announcing basically the same thing, the world of SEO got a little more complicated.

So what exactly does this mean to SEO? Well, I’m still not entirely sure. Although Bing has already started indexing tweets, you can see that at, I’m not sure they’ve integrated twitter as concretely as they will into their overall architecture.

Until we figure out exactly how to play this, I’ve come up with a few basic best practices that you should follow.

1. Treat your twitter page like your regular web site. Think of it as it’s own site, which I guess it always has been. But now it’s especially important to think of it this way.

2. Treat each tweet as an outbound link and when someone mentions you or your site, treat that like an inbound link. We’re talking about Pagerank here. is less than a month old and so is my Twitter account. But my twitter page, already has a higher Google pagerank than which is weird but important to understand. Twitter is basically a huge link aggregator for Pagerank. Think of it like that.

3. Don’t post dozens of nonsense posts every day like “I’m looking out the window” or “I’m hungry” as I suspect this will tend to be looked on as spam, or at least less index-able material. Keep things relevant and useful, just like if you were making a post on your own web site.

4. Create conversations. The more tweets you post back and forth with other people on Twitter, the more authority you’ll probably build up in the search engines eyes. If people are always talking to you, and forwarding your tweets, the search engines are bound to notice and look at you as an authority.

Obviously these are not concrete tips. They’re just basic thoughts and ideas that I’ve started to articulate in my own mind. As time goes on, we’ll get a better understanding of Twitter as an SEO tool. Till then, it’s going to be a trial and error sort of thing.

I’m very curious what you think? Do you have any ideas on how to use Twitter as an SEO tool? If so, comment below!

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