Easiest Way for Local Businesses to Get Exposure

Why is it easier for local businesses to get the Google search engine ranking exposure? This is because Google gives local businesses high priority when it comes to ranking for local search engine. If you have appropriate local optimization, chances are you can outrank large companies that spend thousands of dollars in advertising. Meaning with just a tiny advertising budget you can get your business to rank ahead of people who spent more money than you. But, getting ranked doesn’t only mean search engine ranking but Google maps and smartphone ranking on top of the search engine rankings.

Local company ranking is a specialized skill and involves learning a lot of ranking factors that local companies don’t take the time to learn because this is a different ballgame than the standard SEO. Most businesses only focus on backlinks to a website, ignoring all kinds of other things Google looks at to determine how they rank local businesses.

For example, if the area code of your business is regularly searched, Google will consider it as a vote for your business because local area code gets higher relevance in Google. But there are a lot of things that apply only to local SEO that search engine experts have thoroughly studied that’s why you need the local SEO company like HeyGoTo to help your local business get the exposure it needs.

It’s Not Just the Rankings That Matter

However, local SEO is not only about getting ranked. Local SEO is also about making sure your Google place listings is finely tuned. It’s not only about ranking, but it’s the way your business is presented. You don’t only need to rank well but to make sure that when people visit your website it will motivate them to visit your website.

Conversion Rate is More Important than Boosting Your Traffic

Traffic is crucial because it will show the number of people visiting your website. But conversion is more valuable than traffic because it will drive sales to your website.

Remember, that people who are visiting your site are warm leads. Turning warm leads into sales is something you have to focus on. Adapt your site to encourage visitors to stay longer, click on more pages and make a purchase.

Why conversion rate is beneficial than boosting your traffic

Conversion rate optimization is finding out why people are not buying from your site. Boosting your traffic is a time intensive, expensive, and lengthy process but the conversion rate optimization is what will give you a high return for your efforts. And, once your conversion rate is improved and make more money, then you can boost your traffic.

For instance, if you are currently converting 2% average conversion rate, and get up to 3% conversion after you make a few changes to your website that’s a 50% increase in revenue. Now, compare this to 6 months of SEO campaign that will result to 2 of your keywords appearing in the top 5 of Google, it’s clear which is a better investment when considering the impact, and short term results.

Is Local SEO Right for Your Company?

Local SEO is right for your company if it does business in a local area and deals mainly with locals. As local SEO is a specialized skill, not everyone can do it right. If you want to get the results you want, hire a local SEO company who knows what they are doing.

As audacious as it may sound, HeyGoTo is one of the companies who knows the field well. They’re so confident in their ability to get you ranked that they won’t charge you until you are on the first page of Google. They will help you get results, pure and simple.

Interested in local SEO services? Call HeyGoTo today!

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