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Article marketing is one of the key elements of any online marketing plan and you can optimize this feature with the right kind of SEO articles. However you have to be careful of choosing the articles, as important as it is to get a provider who can give you quality content you have to be sure that you also have search engine optimization related factors implemented in the articles. In this way the articles will become more relevant and you’ll be able to make good use of them. In case you write plain articles, they will get you nowhere these days.

The implementation of the SEO aspect starts from the title of the article, you have to make sure that you main keyword is used in the title of the article. In that way you can make sure that your article gets the wight amount of weightage for that particular keyword. Just before you start writing the article you should do some back end work in terms of finding the right kind of keywords for the article. You can identify the main keywords and the supporting one, in this way you can know what are the various words that your SEO articles would target.

Make sure that you can use the main keyword at least once in 100 words, in that way you’ll be able to maintain a 1% keyword density which is considered to be good, at time you can take the leverage of increasing the density to somewhere near 1.5%. Also try to use the secondary keywords twice or thrice throughout the article. In this way you’ll be able to use the SEO articles in the best possible way.

Now, its the time you decide how you want to use the SEO articles that you have created. You can either submit them to the various article directories online which can help you to get a lot of back links to your website and enhance your search rankings. Or else you might use the SEO articles on your website as content pages, these can be further linked back from other sites so that the site page relevance for the main keyword increases.

It is important that the SEO articles are embedded into your online marketing plans and if you are not confident of creating the right type of content, you can outsource it to a professional company. SEO content writers India have become a popular choice due to their inclination to search engine friendly tactics and the knowledge of the language. You can also find a reliable provider when you search for SEO content writers India.

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