Finding The “Who” in Blog Marketing

You may enjoy reading blogs from time to time and find that some simply stand out to you far more than others. You may even have a blog for your own business – it’s a darn good idea – and notice sometimes your posts double traffic, receive lots of comments and get re-tweeted or shared on Facebook, and yet other times they simply fall flat.

One flaw many blog posts often suffer from is a failure to isolate the buyer and figure out exactly what they want. Most blogs have eye-catching photos, downloadable podcasts, and other forms of catchy content. But in an effort to quickly and constantly publish fresh, new content to their blog, many bloggers overlook a very basic marketing principle: if you do not know who you are selling to, how can you know what to sell them?

Establishing a Target Audience for Your Blog

Your blog should be no different from any of your other marketing, in that you should have a defined target audience. The target audience for your blog may not be the same as it is for other advertising strategies; most likely, it will be a small subset.

Who’s Reading

Blog readers are quite often a different type of buyer. If they can spend hours every month reading up on your blog, you’re probably going to want to know who they are. So, use your blog to find out. This is another reason why blogs are so beneficial: you can in fact monitor traffic in and out, capture emails, and even ask questions. Figuring out who is reading what is critical, but more important is who is clicking what and why.

Who’s Subscribing

Remember, you want to isolate readers who are most interested in your solution. You’ll know if they subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter, or even buy a product after visiting your blog.

Targeting a unique audience can be quite difficult. While how you do this is another story, remember how important it is to treat and cultivate this audience. In order to sell, you must first give.

Writing to Your Reader

If you know who your audience is, it will be easier for you to write and sell to them. Narrowing down who is reading your blog, who is subscribing to your RSS feed and newsletter, and who is spreading the word on social sites can be an invaluable sales tool. Understanding who is doing these things can mean the difference between capitalizing on readers and losing money on your blog.

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