Generating Web Traffic: Free Methods Compared with Paid

The lifeblood of web business has always been the ability of the site designers to generate a constant stream of web traffic.  There are many ways to have people enter your website, including paid and free methods.  Those who are new to website building will often fall into the allure that if you pay some fixed amount to a certain company, that they will be able to solve all your website traffic problems.  In fact, it usually is not that easy.  Generating web traffic takes patience and careful planning.  Thousands of webpage hits do not simply come as a result of submitting your url to a search engine optimization site.  So what are some of the specific ways you can generate traffic for your website?

Let’s begin with some of the major paid ways of generating web traffic.  There are services that allow you to pay for search engine optimization services and they will supposedly boost your rankings in Google search and other main search engines.  This method is no recommended, as the results can be hit or miss.  It is not always easy to determine exactly what the Google search algorithms are looking for.  Your website may slip in the rankings as time passes.

Banner ads are a paid way where you can place a banner on another website in exchange for a fee.  The company will charge a certain amount depending upon the length of time your banner displays on their site.

The most popular paid advertising method is the pay per click method.  Google, Yahoo, Ask!, and many others offer a service where you can put up an add that shows up on the search engines.  When internet users enter keywords that match those associated with your ad, they may see your ad on the side or at the top of the webpage.  Pay per click listings only cost money when someone actually clicks on your ad and enters your website.  Pay per click is not a useful method for those with limited budgets.  On sites like Google or Yahoo, you can quickly blow through a limited budget due to the high cost per click.  The pay per click method is great for boosting your web traffic in a quick amount of time.  Ads you place with the pay per click company are posted immediately.

Free methods for building website traffic include submitting your site to free search engine optimization websites.  Again, there is no guarantee that such search engine optimization sites will boost your website rankings.

Social media, such as Twitter, have become a major method of boosting web traffic.  There is an application called TwitterSearch that allows you to type in keywords related to your website.  A great way to get more web traffic is to search for related users, who share common interests with you and your website.  As you gain followers, you can post bulletins and send messages that announce new information or products your website has to offer.

Free article submission is a great way to boost web traffic.  When you submit an informational article that has to do with your website people will be intrigued and click on your link.  Many of the article submission directories will have your article placed in the Google search areas allowing for extra exposure.  This method can create a constant stream of traffic.  There may not be an immediate surge in web traffic, but visitors will trickle in as they see your articles.

Creating your own blog is a great way to write articles and advertise your website.  Connect with other users and continue to expose your website for no cost.

Writing comments on forums and blogs related to your website is a great way to “steal” traffic from other websites.  When you write a thoughtful comment related to the forum or blog people will recognize that you may have something to offer.  As a result, they will click on your link included in your comment.

These are just a few of the methods that can help boost your web traffic.  To learn how your website stacks up against others check out your free Alexa ranking.

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As always, wishing you continued business success.

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