Get A Boost In Your Search Rankings With Contextual Link Building

The nature of doing business online is quite similar to doing business offline. The only difference is that on the internet the competition is much more intense because you are competing with companies from around the world. The way to success for online businesses is to get it good with Google. Webmasters need to employ some sort of strategy that will cause Google to assign a high ranking to some or all of their web pages. Contextual link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies that can be used for this purpose.

Every webmaster would aim at getting to the top 10 list for search engines. Although there are a host of other link building strategies that can be used for this purpose, contextual link building has become the prominent strategy while the rest are used to compliment the leading role played by contextual link building.

The strategy from within

Contextual link building has emerged as the better way of achieving the desired results. Much credit goes to the many SEO companies that are offering these services to webmasters eager to dominate their niche rankings. Basically contextual link building incorporates the use of natural one way links that are innately placed within high quality content. Both these elements serve as an excellent bait to attract search engine spiders.

SEO companies can help by hiring top quality writers to review your website and then have these reviews posted up on various blogs. One way links leading the reader to your website are carefully placed within these blog reviews thereby making them highly relevant to your website. The way in which this entire strategy is construed makes it impossible for search engines to detect any deliberate attempt of advertising.

It is however important that these blog reviews should be posted on authentic blogs that are not merely there for the purpose of link selling. Each blog should have a unique review without reposting the same review on another blog. This would give rise to plagiarism issues and that is something that should be avoided. The release of blogs should also be spaced out evenly so that the blog posts don’t unnecessarily drown in the archives without you having derived any benefit from them. In this way, a total of 40-60 blogs can be posted up in a month along with an anchor text carrying a link back to the web page of your choice.

One of the best things about contextual links is the fact that they are permanent thus ensuring long term benefits. Furthermore they do not need to be reciprocated. Professional SEO companies will make sure that your blog reviews are not posted on blogs that are associated with blacklisted communities.

On the contrary these blog reviews containing your links will be placed on top quality blogs that have a traffic base of their own. In this way, you will not only be safe from getting penalized by the search engines but you will also derive a great quantity of link juice and targeted traffic for your website.

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