Guest Blogging – Much More Than Just Link Building?

If you are into link building or online reputation management, you must have heard of the term Guest Blogging. Let’s talk straight: people get into this very quickly and participate actively because it’s the great way to build quality links for your website and if you have a great style of writing that forces readers to follow and look up to you.

But is this all? Well, most of the people may say yes! But I think guest blogging is a lot more than just link building.

Self Grooming:

Guest blogging is the great way to test your skills as a writer. While guest posting you meet numerous new readers, you expose your work to ne audiences and get new feedback – if you are smart enough, you’ll listen to this varied feedback and improve your writing and style. You’ll learn to adapt to new atmosphere while keeping your unique style.

Expanded Research:

If you are a good guest blogger, you’ll treat each new opportunity with care: you’ll research each new blog to better adapt your writing to the new community. You’ll try to realize what is well received by the readers and why. This all will serve as a background to your overall knowledge and outlook. You’ll come across various tactics and learn to be a better blogger and a more experienced marketer.


Guest Blogging allows you to become more social. You interact with other bloggers in order to exchange ideas and guest blogging opportunities. You meet more people within your industry and beyond and strengthen these new relationships through Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. This interaction means more opportunities and stronger contacts. If you just follow someone on Twitter, you are just a random stranger. If you guest blog and get followers through the guest post, people have something to remember you by and associate your account with.

More Feedback:

Blogging is a two-way interaction where you get a quick response from the people reading you may. The feedback may be both positive and negative – which allows you to analyze yourself as an expert. If you are mistaken (and who isn’t?!), you have more chances to timely find out about that if you get more feedback.

Personal Reputation:

Guest posting positions you as an expert. If your writing start popping up consistently on good and powerful blogs, people will start citing your work, you will get the power.

Obviously we cannot eliminate the factors like link building but that’s definitely not all.

I might be missing few more factors and advantages of guest blogging; if you think there is any more benefits I am missing, I would love to hear from you.

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