Has Google lost their freaking minds? Yes they have…

I truly believe Google has just imploded and they dont even know it! Its now the end of the Google ruling! They just did something huge for BING! We are about to see the return to power of Microsoft. The is my opinion of what we are about to see. There is 1 time Google could possibly do at this time and that would be to tell everyone “What the h$%^ were we thinking? We have lost of F&$%ing minds! Sorry to the world! We apologizing for thinking that we could do anything! That would be the only way to fix this now. I promise nothing else will. I could see them trying to play us for fools by trying to play down their roll in this craziness. No matter what Google is thinking they should know that we as a world will not stand for their craziness because we made them. Google stop trying to play us for fools. If you want to have the market share Apple has with the iPhone make a better phone but don’t go all crazy and try separate us. Now for Verizon you guys just messed up big time. You have just given us AT&T users a bigger reason to stick with AT&T even if their service isn’t so hot. As if the iPhone wasn’t enough you had to try and go all “Pinky; we are going to take over the world!” on us causing us to look at every other mobile company but Verizon. Shame on you too Verizon. We know you are the ones that planted these crazy seeds in Google’s head but your both guilty by association. This case is closed.

Is Google’s Brand Equity In Danger? http://searchengineland.com/is-googles-brand-equity-in-danger-48737 via @sengineland

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