How To Execute An Effective Link Building Campaign With Guaranteed Directory Links

Link building is no easy task but if you want to optimize your website for users and the search engines then this is a task you should not avoid.  In fact, many SEO specialists and consultants consider that link building is in fact what SEO is all about and with due reason because the more links you have the more traffic your website will get and the higher your sales will go; if you are selling something on your site that is!

By now you should know that there are several types of backlinks, there are reciprocal, one way, there are three-way and so on.  In a nutshell, reciprocal links are those created after 2 webmasters agree on placing links to each other’s site and because reciprocal links can be used to artificially influence the search engine result pages; search engines such as Google and Yahoo have devaluated these links so the best and some will say “the only choice” is to go with one way links.

One way links are harder to get because you can’t enter into a direct agreement with webmasters to get them (for the most part) – Instead people who get one way links to their sites get them in a more natural way because those who place the links are placing them in relevant pages.  One way links can be created in forums during conversations, in web blogs where people discuss a particular topic and in many other places.  As you can see there is a higher level of quality when it comes to one way links which is why they are given more weight by the search engines.

The problem with link building is that you need to get really creative in order to get these precious assets because if you can’t enter into an agreement with hundreds or thousands of webmasters to give you these links you will obviously not see any benefit from this information.  There is however, several proven ways to generate backlinks and the one we are going to talk about is “directory submission”


These so called “directories” have been around for a long time and as a matter of fact, Google is deeply intertwined with DMOZ which is one of the oldest human edited directories.  Directories are important to the search engines because they often “feed” new links to them where original content can be found, this fact triggers a constant inflow of web spiders to there we say “invade” web directories in search for new content.

So at this point you should be thinking, lets incorporate directory submissions in our SEO efforts and so you shall if you want to get anywhere but you will soon realize that directory submissions are not guaranteed, this means that most people who offer these services can’t guarantee hard links because for the most part they are just throwing your URL in categories which might not be the most relevant thus causing your URL to get declined by editors.

So, where are we going with all of this? – Basically if you want to run an effective hard link building campaign you should look for Guaranteed directory links instead of just services that offer directory submissions because you won’t know whether or not your URL is being approved by directories.  With guaranteed directory links your ROI will increase and you will be running a more effective campaign as you will soon realize that when it comes to the web, links are a currency.

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