How To Get The Edge On Your SEO Competition

In this exclusive interview, SEO expert Michael Marshall talks about the role of competitive intelligence in Search Engine Optimization(SEO-CI), and offers some predictions on SEO trends to watch in 2010…

What are 3 SEO trends to watch in 2010?

in normal search result listings.

3) The increasing influence of Personalization of Search.

2) Competitive Intelligence ? understanding strengths and weaknesses of competitors

3) Measuring performance through Web Analytics

You mentioned personalization of search. Can you elaborate on the impact of this on SEO?

A quote from Mike Moran is worth noting here:

“Widespread personalization will doom traditional rank checking. The question won’t be ‘Does my site rank No. 1?’ but rather ‘For what percentage of searchers does my site rank No. 1′ or ‘What was my average ranking yesterday?’ . [I]t’s the biggest change in search marketing since paid search.”

Any traditional SEO methodologies or SEO Tools that depend heavily on traditional rank checking methods are similarly doomed. This means that any methods for:

1) Determining which competitors you should emulate, as well as how they should be emulated, and

2) Determining the effectiveness of your SEO efforts

that depend on traditional rank checking methods are destined for obsolescence. The overall thematic relevance of a page also becomes more important.

You also mentioned competitive intelligence research.

A local business can use it to prioritize which target keyphrases are really worth going after and also to discover important components of a larger company’s SEO strategy, which of those components are most worthy of your attention and emulation, and which of those may be weaknesses that can be exploited…

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