How to Improve Web Page Rankings Using Backlinks

If you are wondering how to improve web page rankings for your site then there are a few things you must know about how search engines work and especially about backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site or pages on your site that comes from another webpage, when search engines like Google find these it shows that your site is popular and therefore worth putting up in ranking however there is more to it than just this.

Backlinks are extremely important to your web page ranking in that they make up about 80% of your web page “score” it is estimated; the more complex issue is that not every backlink is the same! You see search engines look for certain criteria in a website that can prove it is a good site that people may want to look for, it does this by looking for good, relevant, original content on your pages and this is what makes up the other 20% of your page “rank”. This is important to know in regards to backlinks as a backlink from a site that also has a high page rank, good original content and importantly is relevant to your own site. So links from a site about fashion to a site about fashion is better than one from power tools to fashion for instance.

Creating a good set of backlinks is not easy however but because they are so important it is vital that you start cultivating them as soon as possible for your site to become popular and your business to become a success. Some ways of doing this are writing and submitting articles to article websites and linking to your page, submitting your site to web directories and asking other websites to link you. This will take time to achieve but if you want to know how to improve web page rankings then you must get involved in this process.

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