How to Promote Your Website Using Video Marketing

The World Wide Web is a fascinating place, alluring, bewitching with all its promise of all things better. Many people try but few profit from their online efforts. For the vast majority the secret of creating real wealth from the internet is as elusive as the true secret of internal youth.

How can this be and why? The secret is web traffic.

Web traffic is the Holy Grail of the Internet, if you have the best website ever, with a gleaming array of widgets and gismos if no one sees it, if no one knows you are there, if no one places an order you cannot make money it goes without saying.

How then can we generate traffic of the right kind (the kind that is looking for the product you have to sell and have money to buy it) to your website, in this article I’m going to give a glimpse of one or two ways to generate traffic for free.

Video’s or more importantly Video marketing is probable one of the greatest advances in Internet marketing in recent years. With little or no monetary outlay you can make your own marketing video’s and post them online.

To make a video you will need a webcam and video making soft ware, many computer come with a webcams built in, if yours as not your can buy a good quality webcam for as little as £25 ($35) and usually most pc and laptop come with video making software installed. Video making software is available to purchase if you find you don’t already have it.

Making a video is then a case of working out what you want to say to promote your product or service. Some write a script, I find this a little stayed and prefer a crib sheet with bullet point of the most salient point I want to make. I tend not to practice to much, I like the raw off the cuff approach which lets your viewers see the real you.

Try to show some emotion, get a little excited about your product is a good approach but not to over the top, you want to come over as a regular business type not some escapee from the local nut house.

A good point to make at this point is don’t be frightened to promote your website I like to plug my web address at least 5 times per video.

Some video making soft ware allow you to add title pages and captions to your videos which can be used to get across information you want your views to remember e.g. your web address, phone numbers etc.

Posting your videos online could not be easier. I use tube mogul which allows you to up load your video to numerous video site at once which will save you time and effort. Go to tube mogul and open an account and the best part is that it’s free.

Now comes the part that will make a real defence, making and posting one video is not going to make you rich. You are going to need to post videos daily to make a real impact. It’s the same old adage, massive action equals massive results, in other words the more videos you post the more people are going to see them and the more people are going to go to your website and that is going to equate to sales.

Now another way to promote your website via videos is to post comments on other peoples videos. If you go to you tubedo a search for similar product to yours view some videos and leave a comment and of course you will let the owning of the video know you have a website and that you would like them to take a look and give you feedback.

This is called a back link and search engine love back links, the more people that view your site the more the search engines will pick up on your site which again will result in more and more traffic.

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