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Today the internet has taken a firm place in our lives. We shop online, study online and many of us now work from home via the internet. Since its discovery in the early 1990′s, communication and access to information has vastly improved. We can chat online to people on the other side of the world, and email, once though impossible has made postal companies around the world nearly obsolete. These new industries and modes of communication have given rise to another crucial area that the internet has developed in, advertising and marketing.
The internet has a firm hold in this area and will likely continue to grow. Today, it is almost unheard of to hear of a company, large or small that does not have a website. Internet marketing creates these pages as a way for everyone to be able to gain access to a company’s information and services.
Many companies went over to internet marketing because of the costs. It was substantially less money to advertise via the web then on Television or radio. Many companies choose this option making internet marketing now highly competitive. When advertising your page on the internet, there are many things you need to consider. How are you going to attract people to you page when there are possibly, thousands of others out there offering the same thing. Your page must try to get a high page ranking for it to be viewed by the largest amount of people. Key words or power words can help with this. The right set of key words will bring people to you site, increasing your traffic.
Another thing you can try is link backs. Link backs can be attached to related sites offering similar services. You can attach a link back on a different site to go directly to yours. Again, this will increase your traffic and help with improving page rank.
Key words and link backs will help with improving page rank and traffic however, if your want to keep people coming to your site you must have a good quality page for them to view when they get there. The link backs and key words won’t work for very long if when people arrive to your page, they find something of very little interest or something that is difficult and confusing to navigate. Have a good quality user friendly page to keep your traffic on your page and this will help in improving page rank.
The internet has changed, and improved the way that we do things. Working studying and communication are all areas that have altered dramatically in the past 10-15 years. Internet marketing and advertising has also developed and changed. Those who use internet marketing are using what is now one of the most effective advertising tools available. However, with the competition, there are many areas they need to consider when putting their business forth on the web. Having a good quality page as well as clever use of key words and link backs can get people to your site and keep them there. This will help with improving page rank and eventually your sales figures.

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