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Meta search services are a popular method of getting a range of results promptly from the multiple search engines. Meta search, a web searching technology uses innovative metasearch technology to make simultaneous searches at major search engines and chooses the most relevant results instantaneously. Meta search also known as metacrawlers or meta search tools, sends your query out to many major search engines, immediately returning the results to you, saving you time rather than visiting each major search engine individually. The idea is that by searching multiple search engines you are able to search more of the web in less time and do it with only one click.

People use meta search services when they have a specific information need. Meta search is designed to help you select search services that provide access to the widest number of major search engines. Obviously everyone has their own opinion about major search engines, the major search engines are those that provide access to unique and well-known catalogs of the web. Some of the well known search engines include MSN, Yahoo, Google, Northern Light, AltaVista, and the Open Directory.

To be familiarize yourself with the workings of a meta search service try a search on Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines, and you’ll see differences when comparing the results each return. There is a difference is because leading search engines commonly have different databases of listings than their competitors and because they use different methods of sorting these listings in response to searches. Compare the results using the meta search engine and you’ll find a much better coverage of the web and more specific Irish results. Notice that the search services used are listed at the top of your results and you and browse what each search engine has supplied.

Why people use metasearch engines?

The benefit of using a single search service to scan multiple search engines and high possibility of finding the preferred page(s) make metasearch engines popular with those who are keen to weed through the lists of extraneous matches. Another use is to get at least some results when no result had been obtained with traditional search engines.

When to use metasearch engines

If you want to save time and you have specific information need a Metasearch engine take less time than carrying out the same search in each search engine individually. … Search more of the Irish Web

For whatever you are lookinf for an Irish specific search engine is a versatile tool to find exactly, what you expect and need from various Ireland based search engines. Their instant search technology takes the waiting out of searching the web, it retrieves web results and suggestions as you type. Begin typing in search the search box and automatically you will receive suggestions based on the letters you have entered.

It’s appealing clean simple look is designed to help it load fast and return results instantaneously. More and more Irish people are starting to appreciate Irish oriented results from the Irish based search engine, metasearch.

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