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When you’re writing an ad copy the usual advice is, “Think like a customer”, and an Irvine SEO company agrees in spades, except that they suggest, “When it’s a web site, think like a search engine”. Moreover, they add a kicker: “Then go where your customers are on social media”.

According to HeyGoTo Marketing and Social Media in Irvine CA, “It’s not enough just to know that twothirds of search engine hits point to copy and subject matter on the first page in the target web site. There’s more to optimizing sales and customer loyalty than just lots of Google hits, even if they’re well placed on the first page”.

This Irvine SEO company says, “Yes, the search engine is the solid base, but when you merge it with social media it’s like adding Ethyl to gas!” and their clients agree. “A company’s reputation as a leader in their industry’s market can be built with the posts and tweets of users. An effective social network program reinforces the good that already exists and, if necessary, can refute any negatives,” emphasizes this Irvine SEO company’s web site and literature.

Customers of all kinds and even prospective customers are talking with each other all the time online about their needs, and they’re sharing both pleasant experiences and gripes, advises this Irvine SEO company. Although posts and tweets are a large part, niche industries also maintain their own web sites, podcasts and forums. The sooner (and the more completely) the company knows what is being said out there the better it can not only support but also uplift their brand’s image.

Whether a particular manufacturer or marketer understands how it works or not, using social media has added information to their advantage is critical both to continuing sales and to expanding their market. Since at a given moment their online reputation already exists (or they will soon build it), guiding it with a social media marketing program from this nearby Irvine SEO company is an easy and effective way to keep an eye on a brand’s reputation. It also helps build and expand its presence online, and collect the added exposure and brand awareness that results.

This Irvine SEO company’s service first makes sure that customers have the most up-to-date information about products on the web site, and then makes sure the company’s presence is continually visible right where people are talking. This will drive sales, protect its reputation, increase customer loyalty, respond to negative sentiment and build a solid, long lasting base of “gracious words”.

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