Is Bing Taking Over?

The rate at which Bing is developing is so fascinating that there are not many people within the world of online who are watching this product of Microsoft with anticipation. Earlier this year Bing conducted a huge web marketing campaign which clearly worked, as it is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for getting extremely relevant searches.

When people first started using Bing there were complaints that it simply was not as good as Google. There were obvious sites missing if you ran the same search within both the search engines, so people deemed Bing as the poorer site which was not picking up on all the sites that Google could. Companies did not pay too much attention to creating search engine optimization strategies for Bing on its own, as there seemed to be little chance that it would become the preferred search engine overnight. Whilst Google still remains on top, there are a lot of perceptions regarding Bing which are changing. At, we can tailor your SEO strategy for both search engines.

As people became more curious or stumbled across Bing more and more, they discovered that the different search results which appeared within Bing were not necessarily poorer than the ones displayed within Google; they were just different. In fact, there have been quite a lot of comments on how Bing somehow manages to filter out wasteful or spam sites and that actually, the sites it does offer are very relevant and applicable to your search. Perhaps Bing is making the decisions after all.

One of the more recent developments which took the online world by storm was the news earlier this year that the iPhone would be having an app for Bing, and was in fact including Bing as a search engine to use on the phone. There was, and still is, a lot of speculation surrounding the fact that Apple were favouring Microsoft and that Google would soon be out. There appears to be no truth in this and the real story was that Bing was simply another choice of search engine for the iPhone, not an alternative to Google. Still, it must have pushed Google’s nose out of joint a little bit.

So now that we know Bing is set to stay, it is even more important that we are tailoring our search engine optimization techniques towards Bing in some way. Bing, like most search engines, favours natural content and most of all, trusted domains. The way to look at Bing is to think of it as a search engine in a serious mood. It is not in the habit of messing you around, it simply wants to offer its services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Google should never be forgotten and Google also has the added strength that it offers a lot additional services, its own range of SEO tools, and not to mention strong links with social networking. Google is still king in most people’s eyes, but it does appear to have a close follower.

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