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Search engine optimization is the hottest thing to hit the internet since the arrival of the social networks. What is search engine optimization and what does it do? There are many different types of search engine optimization techniques but they all focus on the same goal. That goal is to get your websites higher ranking on the search engines, attract more traffic to your website so that your website gains enough exposure to actually show up in the top 10 spots of the search engines when people search for certain keywords. The reason why this is such a hot topic is because once your website gets ranked on the first page of the search engines, you will see a dramatic increase in your monthly profits.

Once a website is created it is very weak and although it looks good there is no way for the search engines to find your site among the other billion websites on the internet. To tell you the truth it truly is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Over a period of time, the search engines will eventually find and send their robots to crawl your website so that they can add this to their index. This is how the search engines not only find your site but also rate your site and see where it should be placed in the search engine rankings. If you can wait a year or so and let your website grow without any help from search engine optimization then that’s fine. The truth is even when the website is mature it most likely will not receive the exposure that you are looking for. I know some people that have had their websites for over 5 years and they have a page rank of one and they are still not ranking anywhere for the most common keywords for their business. By the way, page rank is how the search engines value your website. Although it is very hard to achieve page rank, the more page rank you have the better ranking you will see. Most people with disagree with the page ranking but supposedly that may change in the very near future.

How can I Improve search engine rankings you may ask? There are many different ways to improve search engine rank and to improve the exposure of your website but you have to start out with a good structure first then move on to the more technical techniques. If you are ready to take that next step and learn two of the most important techniques of search engine optimization, then keep reading and enjoy.

The first way to improve search engine placement and in my opinion are the most important technique to focus on are onsite search engine optimization. This technique is very powerful. I will give you a few hints on how this technique works.

First, we are going to talk about onsite optimization. This is one of my favorite techniques because it does wonders to your website. This is one of the most important tasks you must do to help the search engines find your web pages. You have to make your pages stick out like a lighthouse on a foggy night so the search engines can see them easier. Make sure that all pages in your website have good title tags. These are located at the top of each website you arrive on and they describe what the page is about. Make sure that you don’t have just your business name as the title because if no one knows about your business then how are they going to know what the name of your business is when they do a search for it. If you are going to be branding you business name and you think the business name will send you the traffic you want the by all means do it. Just like Nike, everyone knows what Nike is so people will use the keyword Nike to search for shoes and sports apparel.

Place some good keywords in the title tags that you think people will use to search for your business. This is a very powerful tool to help get your site more exposure. Next, make sure your “meta tags” description has a good compelling content for people to view and come to your site. Make the description about two sentences in length. This next step is very important. Make sure your “Meta Tag” keywords have all the good keywords that will help the search engines and people find your website pages. Now whatever keywords you place in this area, you need to also place these keywords all over inside the content of your website pages.

The content of your website has to be very compelling and you should also add these keywords here and there inside the content. Make sure the keywords you are using are related to your product you are selling on your website. If the content is not good and is just spammed with key words then you risk the chance of having the search engines boot your website. If this happens you will have a very slim chance of getting back into the search engine index. It’s not worth it to spam keywords, if you get caught you may have to start a whole new website over and loose any leads or income you have worked so hard to get.

This is one of the key tools to help improve search engine ranking. If you follow this tool and implement this on your website you will see a great change in the traffic to your website. It is not going to happen overnight but if you do it correctly I promise you it will happen over time. Remember, your website is a long term investment that will only get better with age. If you can be patient and use these tools I have shown you, you will see the difference.

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