Known Facts About the Google Page Rank

Site owners are on the hunt for the green numbers on the Google page rank toolbar. Thatâ s no secret, but do they all really know what Google page rank is about? How much should you really worry about your online business before you check page rank results? Information is the key to obtaining traffic and becoming the best in a line of business. But not many people pay attention to the numerous articles and websites that offer valuable data on how a site should be made and promoted.

Google page rank represents the basis of Larry Pageâ s and Sergey Brinâ s search engineâ s system of calculation. It is only a little part of how it really works and proves that Googleâ s fame and attention is not random, but obtained due to the quality of its searches. Google is the best search engine currently available and its efficiency is not equaled by any other existing search engine. Webmasters looking to evolve know that the Google page rank is the one who gave it its surplus of query validity and accuracy.

The value of a website on a certain keyword or key phrase (usually typed in by a user) is determined by the way that site is linked to other more or less valuable sites. In turn, those sites are evaluated by Google using the same criteria. In a few words, the whole process resembles a complex web, a combination of variables which are constantly and continuously changing.

When you check page rank, the number you read reflects a current status which might already be changing. Because the Internet consists in so many websites that are updated daily and because so many new pages and links constantly appear, Google needs to make updates as well. These updates can be seen once 2 or 3 months when the â Google danceâ takes place and when all new variables have to be taken into consideration. Of course, the process takes place all the time, but only then are we able to see its results through the change of the Google page rank.

If you are interested in how well your site performs when it comes to such an evaluation, you should seriously consider these aspects before you check page rank again: links pointing to your site, the Google page rank of the sites that contain these links, the anchor text of the links and the on-site optimization (meta tags, tags, titles, description, keyword density for site content). As you can probably see, this means there are a lot of aspects involved in page ranking. Many things are controllable and web development companies take care of them in a professional manner. Webmasters are very careful with how they optimize their sites, for example. They carefully observe their Google page rank and constantly seek to raise the number shown by the Google toolbar. Some things are however, uncontrollable. If someone chooses to post a link to your site on his own site which is poorly optimized, his action might have negative effects on yours.

The Google page rank is a very sensitive issue which concerns a lot of webmasters who want their website displayed among the first results Google offers web surfers on certain keywords. Some donâ t find it satisfying just to check page rank evolution in time. If for some reasons unknown to them, their Google page rank is modified, even for a short while, PR paranoia can set in. Some optimization methods can even be considered damaging because the PR the webmasters were observing has suddenly changed. The Google page rank is important, but must not be taken that seriously. Google constantly makes changes because the Internet itself is daily enriched with new information. Its spiders crawl up and down the web and their findings can have an effect on your site as well.

Errors can occur, like the very famous spoofing effect when a new page can borrow the Google page rank of another better ranked page to which it is connected. But errors can be corrected and so can the result you find when you check page rank. Good PR can turn bad because of a mistake, but it can also turn better just as fast. Your main worry should be to offer valuable information to your targeted public and do so by using the available optimization techniques provided by specialized companies. To regularly check page rank is not a bad practice. It is necessary to keep in touch with how Google sees your site. This is why we recommend using, a site that supplies valuable information about ranking in major search engines as well as number of backlinks pointing to your site.

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