Learn 5 Important Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Effective advertising on the web requires taking advertising out of the so called traditional box and creating something truly effective that can produce results. The new and unique attracts attention and that is what video advertising is all about. Marketing on the web requires the same strategic thinking as marketing in all of the other arenas of advertising, something to grab the attention of the public. Think the way they advertise on TV….think Super Bowl advertising, only it is for the internet. Effective marketing on the web starts with unique marketing, and video marketing is the new cutting edge way to advertise on the internet. We want our advertising strategies to be something that is unique, different and very effective. Videos are the very thing that could create this interest in a business, website or email advertising campaign, as they don’t require a large budget and they are in a format that can be spread all over the web in creative ways.

1. Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest markets for advertising on the internet today, and it is important to grab the interest of prospective customers through this modality, videos are the way to attract this attention. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums, Member Websites, YouTube, are all video friendly and you don’t want to miss out on this advertising opportunity.

2. Contact Prior Customers for Return Business we all know that it is important to keep customers coming back, and sometimes they need a little nudge to keep coming back; videos are a perfect opportunity to send them a notice and reminder, they are fun, non-threatening and can deliver any kind of message you want.

3. Thank Customers for Continued Business this is your perfect opportunity to show your customers how important they are, sending them a personalized video which is entertaining and informative is a perfect way to keep in touch and to let them know how special they are to you and your business.

4. Introduce New Products and/or Services you want to introduce a new product or service and you don’t want it just to be another auto responder email, you can send a video and make it special and personal, they can even have a message of empowerment with affirmations or powerful quotes; also, you can give them an opportunity to a special pricing included in the video.

5. Develop and Improve Traffic to Website/Blog videos can be used to attract more traffic to your website/blog just like writing articles can, you can send them to all your social media sites and use keywords in the titles and tags; you can also use videos for advertising on CraigsList and Backpage which also are Google friendly. Marketing and advertising on the web offers a worldwide art festival at our fingertips and videos are one of the forms of art that is very appealing to the general public. We are a visual society and love visual action to entertain us and a video is a perfect advertising agent which also satisfies this entertaining part of us.

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