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Link Building is one of the most important processes that affect your website as page ranking on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

Link Building = Number of back links your web site has =Link Popularity

Link Building = Adds Value + Enhances Page Rank

Reasons for using Link Building service

It is an ethical way of increasing your website popularity.

It is a one-time investment thus saves a lot of advertising expenditure.

Saves your time.

Last but not the least, your website link appears on another – the moment it is clicked, it starts earning you business.

Link Quantity vs. quality

If you establish a number of links in your site, it does not mean that you have got successful to increase your web traffic. Success in link building depends upon the quality of inbounds links.

“Not the quantity of the back links,

but the quality of those pages where your link appears is important.

Types of link building

There are three types of link building


This process is used for establishing only incoming links without displaying the other end links on yours, this process is termed as one-way link building or non-reciprocal link building .Basically this link building is done through web directory submission, blogs, articles and press releases. In one word, social media is a great medium for one way link building and drawing traffic to the site.


This process is used for submitting your link to other websites and accepting their links on yours in return. This method abides by the Give and Take policy. However, one should be cautious while exchanging links with others having the same or higher page rank. It is also known as reciprocal link exchange. Link exchange plays significant roles for any SEO strategy.


Three-way method is operated by involving a third website as a medium for exchanging links between the two websites.

A good SEO company will dispense with superfluous link building services and take care of inbound, outbound and reciprocal links for your website.

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