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There is an ugly rumour on the Internet; it’s permeating the chat rooms; it’s tainting many-a-tweet; it’s clogging blogs wherever you look – it’s… it’s saying that link building is not all that it’s stacked up to be. The tweets are tweeting that fresh copy, sweetened with keywords, is a much more effective Search Engine Optimisation tool than uncontrolled, uncensored, low-quality, unfettered link building!

Of course, it’s a hoax but there is a germ of truth. Every organisation is looking to the Internet to raise its market profile and to increase sales. Search engine optimisation is not simply about choosing the right key words it also includes judicious link building. A well-thought-out strategy of link building is not a case of “I’ll put your link on mine if you put my link on yours”. Effective online marketing requires discerning link building, connecting your website with websites that genuinely complement your product or service.

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Some companies whilst formulating their SEO strategy pay fees to online directories to help build up their inbound links, but search engines do not consider links that are paid for in the same light as those that are sited on a quality website that offers a reciprocal link.

In truth, most organisations when looking at their SEO strategy, and factoring in link building, are very keen to establish inbound links but less keen to feature outbound links. After all, once a potential customer lands on your website, do you really want the person to be lured away by an outbound link before buying your goods? The answer is to build up a network of inbound and outbound links that do not compete with your service or products. For example, a good link with regard to search engine optimisation would be for a motorcycle accessories company to have inbound and outbound links with a company that sells motorcycles.

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