Make Your Company a Player On the Social Web

In a recent article on, several “players” on the social scene argued where media agencies would go in the future, how they would evolve. The result was a large amount of unique and relevant ideas specifically on social marketing, if not the entire media marketing field in general. So how can you and your business become a player in the new social web?

Evolve Online
Too many of us get stuck on one unique technology, when only months later something bigger and better comes along. Maybe that is the nature of the business. Where was social media 10 years ago? Where was the internet 50 years ago? On the other hand, where were the major markets? All these things evolved, and it’s important to understand why and prepare strategies to capitalize.

Affects of the Social Web On Consumers

In the Ad Age article, one person notes how media agencies must adapt. Consumer focused marketing will control how brands are built. While Twitter and Facebook have potential, they have more potential when consumers control. If a virus spreads, it can spread fast. It’s important to acknowledge this idea and to encourage it, because online consumers are the real marketing players.

Future of Social Media

Where will social media be in 10 years? 20 years? With iPhones and iPads now making portable social communication even more common, the world, so small already, is just closing in. However you choose to market, developing strategies for adapting to social changes is crucial. The future will likely be from various sources, but true marketing changes are created by talent. Talent is what drives marketing.

What’s Your Plan?
Developing a strategy is crucial in building anything from search engine ranking to a following on Facebook. Developing a contact strategy in social media, for example, should go beyond your pages and messages. Many of the marketing strategies used before social media came along — namely email marketing and SEM – are still very relevant.

Who Can Help?

Talent will be the driving force in who becomes a player in the future of social marketing. Talent is what has always driven innovation in marketing. Instead of listening to sales pitches from your employees, you may consider looking at your ideal buyers and what they are doing. As noted earlier, developing a way to have users market for you – spreading links to YouTube videos – can be of more value than a TV commercial.

Get to Know Other Players
Finally, communicate, offer value, share your insights. This blog post put together many opinions; your social web strategy should too.

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