Making Money On the Internet With Video Marketing

It may seem daunting to most people, but like it or not, video is becoming a huge part of the internet. Nowadays, if you’re not making money on the internet, it may be because you’re not using videos as one of your main marketing tools.
Technology is scary to a lot of people, not to mention, exposing oneself online in a video for the whole world to see. That’s why so many people shy away from learning what it takes to market a business using video – either they figure it’s too technical for them, or they want to maintain their privacy.
That’s precisely why you should think about making money from the internet with video. It’s the things that people don’t want to do that you should be jumping on as a new opportunity for you. In the internet business world, it’s where you find holes, and gaps, and things that people don’t want to do that you can start making real money online.
Video is becoming more and more like the written word, and will soon have the same tagging capacity as you find in articles and blogs that are carefully sprinkled with effective keywords.
In that sense, if you are looking to make money on the internet, you can expect the search engines to send heaps of traffic your way if you have keyword packed videos.
Videos are very effective in teaching people how to do things, and can probably establish more trust from someone thinking about buying one of your products or services if they can see and hear you.
Furthermore, just like sharing information via social networking sites from blogs and articles, and other information sites on the net, videos also have their social networking services that allow you to share your videos with others in your niche.
If you think you’re in the dark about technology and will never have a clue how to use it, or how to make money on the internet with video, then have no fear! Any good video creation or syndication service will offer easy-to-follow training for setting up your first, and subsequent videos.
Much like article writing, you’re not done with your videos after you’ve created them. You have to submit them to video syndication sites to spread them around the net.
If you’ve been involved in manually submitting your articles to the various article directories, you will realize how time-consuming and tedious this can be, and how much worse you can expect it to be for submitting a video file!
Luckily, just like article submission services, there are video submission services that can save you loads of time on your video uploads!
If you really don’t want to venture into the land of video marketing, you can always opt for an equally popular podcast, or audio cast, so that the whole world only hears you, but doesn’t have to see you. You can start making money on the internet just as fast with an effective podcast that you submit the same way as videos.
Just think about the results you could achieve by combining article writing with video marketing, and podcasting! Most people are familiar with YouTube, so if you visit their website, you will be able to setup an account, create your video, and start making money on the internet faster than you ever imagined!
Don’t be fooled by the all the technological jargon out there. If you know how to work a digital camera, have a movie feature on your camera, or have ever used a camcorder, then relax! You are most of the way there!
Making money on the internet can happen for you, and tackling your fears about technology and starting a video or podcast marketing campaign can make your dreams come true, especially now when it’s still relatively new!

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