A Marriage Made in SEO Heaven

On September 2nd I got married. Yay for me! I’m a little late in posting this as I was debating whether or not to post this on my business blog, then there was a honeymoon/vacation, and then more debate on posting this or not. So here it is. It even ties into business, somewhat.

The internets have been good to me. I have a growing web based business where I help other business owners with their internet marketing and I now have a life partner that I found, well, on the internet.  Yes, I partook in that crazy online dating thing via Plenty of Fish, or POF, a fantastic website run by a guy name Marcus out of Vancouver, BC. That site, now the largest dating site on the planet, and Markus, was an early inspiration to me on starting my business. Later I began to use the site to meet and date some ladies. That’s how I met Kim. Kudos Marcus, I owe you.

I took much of what I leaned about internet marketing and landing page optimization to create a killer profile on POF. Yes, I am that much of a web marketing nerd. Meeting and then marrying Kim I would consider a perfection in the conversion optimization process.

So there you have it, Stever got hitched. In lieu of gifts I’m accepting links

Local SEO Link Love

Our fantastic wedding photographer, Kathryn of Owen Imaging, was lots of fun to work with. But like most photographer websites hers is all flash, and even has a doorway page, uggg, but the link will still help her a bit.

We are not church goers so we just had a very simple ceremony officiated by a wedding commissioner. Gordon you need your own website!

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