New Postling Streams: Save Time While Being Social

Social Media: Two small words for such a gigantic Industry, yet these small words have powerful meaning for your business.

Social Media can be a rough road to travel down and it can be frustrating and difficult to take the time to immerse your business within the assortments of social networks that are willingly available to us. The availability is very useful but our time is still precious and as business owners will say, “They want to sell” more so than to be social.

With that said encompassing social selling is the vital key to your businesses victory and finding the time is as equally important to continually maintaining your social accounts. So how can you do both?

Postling is a site where you can amalgamate your various networks to be able to refrain from having to login to separate accounts. In two simple steps you can post a blog post to various blogs, update Facebook and Twitter with status updates and/or links and various other accounts such as; WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

Now that you have a brief summary of what Postling can do for you, which goes beyond Tweetdeck and Seesmic. Postling has come up with an easier way for all users to now be able to see their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr streams in one place, with Postling Streams.

  1. Register and/or Login
  2. Select which social streams you want to view, deselect the ones you don’t want to see, this way you stay in control. (You can choose personal or business, profiles or pages.)

3. Share and Retweet to all of your Social Networks.

4.The best part is you’re not restricted by platform, you like something on Twitter; share it on Tumblr or Facebook etc.

It truly is simple to not only register, but to get started right away. There is no lag time in connecting accounts and it’s easy to create a blog post from the dashboard to your blog. In addition, you are able to schedule posts if you know you will be busy during a certain time on a certain day, yet still stay present on your social networks as well; they have added the “like” link so you can stay interactive. Postling also allow you to add other people to assist you in staying social. This web-based service seems to be the perfect way to balance social time with saving time, which will leave you time with selling more.

P.S. I posted this blog post from Postling! Oh and before you ask, I, nor did anyone at Soshable get paid to write this. We’re just always scouting new ways to improve your social qualities!

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