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What is so great about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising? Well for one, it sends targeted traffic to your website instantly. These are the surfers that more than likely will want what you have to offer. PPC is a great way to send immediate traffic to your site but, many people don’t really understand or know how to use this powerful technique. That is why Beating Adwords is the most popular book on how to master these techniques.

The most popular PPC engines are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN. There are others and once you master the techniques in Beating Adwords you will be able to use them all very easily and make a ton of money.

Beating Adwords by Kyle and Carson is hands down the best book written to date on making money using Google Adwords. There is simply not another source that gives as much useful detail on creating and running successful Google Adwords campaigns.

Some of the techniques that you will need to master to have a successful PPC campaign are as follows:

* Know how to write killer ads

* Take advantage of a targeted keyword list

* How to use multiple campaigns

* How to improve landing pages

* How to select the right products

* How to determine the refund rate on those products

* And so much more

Beating Adwords will show you everything you need to know to implement these techniques and a ton more. Not only does it teach you “How” but it also teaches you the “Why”.

What benefits will you get from Beating Adwords?

What I like most about Beating Adwords is the money saving techniques you learn. You will learn how to use targeted keywords and get them for a cheap click rate. The amount of money that you will save on your advertising is worth the cost of the book alone.

There are several formulas that they present to you but the one I like the most is the Refund Formula. Before you select any product to promote you should always check their refund percentage. There is nothing worse than making a sale just to have the buyer ask for a refund and have that sale taken away

If you are interested, please make a note that the price has been cut by $30.00 and is subject to change again at anytime. Don’t miss out on another opportunity as you can easily recoup the cost of this book in a matter of days. Beating Adwords will change your life forever.

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