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What is SEO?

The art of placing your website among the first few pages of any search engine (eg Google, Yahoo, and MSN) is called Search Engine optimization (also called SEO). A website will appear in the first few pages due to strategically defined set of keywords.

Since there are a number of websites promoting the same product, there is a huge competition. People generally glance through the first few pages of a search engine and seldom browse through the latter ones. Therefore, the principal aim of a Search Engine Optimizer should be to bring the website within the first few pages so as to attract the reader’s attention. They are called traffic.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Required?

Search Engine Optimization is required to capture a targeted traffic. The traffic consists of people who are looking for the same product. Search engine optimization directs this huge traffic towards your website. After the optimization of the website, it remains at the top position for quite a long period of time.

Is it better than the traditional form of investment?

Previously, banner campaigns and email marketing were the different forms of investment for getting a targeted traffic. Nowadays, with the advent of Search Engine Optimization services, the entire scenario has changed. The traffic is automatically directed towards a website which appears in the first few pages of a search engine.

Function of Search Engine Optimization Services:

Search Engine Optimization is generally done step by step. The steps are shown below:

Indexing, identifying code and spider stoppers: A site needs to be indexed for getting better rank in search engine. Therefore, you have to ensure that your website can be crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders. The function of search engine optimizer is to identify your code and the possible spider stoppers (like broken links, missing tags and complicated link structure) in the website.

Analysis of Goals: In an SEO campaign, the goal is well defined. The goal is to increase the revenue from organic search engine traffic (organic because it involves human beings searching for websites), ROI increment (return on investment), and increase in traffic.

Analyzing the competition: All the high ranking websites contain valuable keywords since they have undergone search engine optimization. The function of search engine optimizer is to analyze what the competitors are doing and offering you a solution so that you can beat them.

Identification of keywords: The identification of keyword is one of the most important tasks of the search engine optimizer. Those keywords with which the website is being searched for must be used. The search engine optimizer is to decide the keyword words so that traffic is targeted towards it.

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