SEO Clients: What’s a New One Cost?

Couldn’t a said it any better than a Forrester Research exec herownself, eh!

“In a perfect world, it’s both and everything in between. In the real world the general marketing rule is that retention is a lot more cost effective than acquisition…”

Now that’s spot-on, eh and to be the prologue to a great new Infographic on “The Value of an Existing Customer” from the idea folks over at Flowtown, is about the best type of expert opinion you’ll find, eh!

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And for other topics on both SEO and Social Media too, all Infographics you can both enjoy AND learn from too….drill down into their Branding & Marketing areas….there’s a ton of new ones there I’d not ever seen before (hey, Flowtown folks…you guys need an SEO firm, eh!) and more than enough to chew up a lazy Monday afternoon!

But I suppose the real item on this Infographic, the one you should have always in mind when you’re an SEO practitioner….which is cheaper in the long run? Acquiring a new client, or keeping an existing one? And the answer is — well what do you think?

You see, I already know. Been there and done that and let me just add as an aside, we’ve STILL got our very first ever SEO client from more’n 10 years ago….that’s  a full decade with the same firm and together we’ve been thru all the highs and lows of Google’s algo….and I continue to say that if you do a good job for a client, you’ll be a part of a lasting relationship for the foreseeable future!

The Infographic I point out in this blog article claims that it is 6 to 7 times MORE EXPENSIVE to find a new client than to keep a current one on your client roster. Don’t know about your biz model, but 6 to 7 times MORE EXPENSIVE is pretty much a real cost that many of us couldn’t afford….so customer retention is supremely important!

But the “how” of that retention…there’s another issue that I’ll deal with in an upcoming piece geared specifically to SEO Campaigns, but there are many and most of them are built on a foundation of trust….one that’s acquired by doing a superb job of getting a client’s site UP UP UP in the serps, in the uniques and yes, most of all, in the conversions!

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